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 How To Apply

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How To Apply Empty
PostSubject: How To Apply   How To Apply Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 1:25 am


This will show you the steps of how to apply for SS:

1. Read about us first! There is information that you should read in the "About SS" forum which is located in the home page.

2. Go to our forum called "Apply Here." This is located in our home page. Once you are there you will see our topic called "How to Apply," THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU WILL PLACE YOUR APPLICATION. next step will tell you where to place your application.

3. Now that you're in the "Apply Here" page, create your OWN Topic with a title of:
"Application to SS, by (your name)"

4. Type up the Application on how you feel we would like it. This is our test to you. Also, don't forget to add the necessity of your NPlay account name and Begone Brotherhood account name.

Once you have sent the application, we will view it and place a poll weather to let you into our clan or not.
If you do not have the right amount of votes, then you will not be a member and will never have the chance of being a member again.
Reason: We prefer to find the player and invite them, not the player find us.

If you read this and do not want to apply now, but still want a chance into the clan. We suggest that you try to get in games with us and talk with us on the chat box. In this, we may notice you and find that we may want you into the clan.

Good Luck... Twisted Evil

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How To Apply
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