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 How to Apply for [{SS}]

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How to Apply for [{SS}] Empty
PostSubject: How to Apply for [{SS}]   How to Apply for [{SS}] Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 4:05 pm

If you are viewing this page, it is recommended that you read the Clan Information Topic before continuing reading this page!!!


If you already had read the Clan Information, then you understand that making an Application Form is not very encouraged by our clan. We are a clan that rather asks players into the clan. We believe that words are just not enough, but to see the words in action is a reliable source.

How we scout for members:

1. We will be noticing how players, who shows out to us, post on forums. When we find your posting's as very well written, having good points, very relevant, showing respect, etc... Then we search into the players skills on Nplay. If the players account on Nplay is only to be viewed by Friends, then we automatically don't continue the search.

2. When we look up the players skills, we check out their TODAY stats and MOUNTH stats (we do not look at the overall stats cause we know that players skills changes, so looking at the overall stats would be leading us to making an inaccurate judgment). If we find the stats satisfying, then we continue by looking at the players current clans.

3. When looking up a players current clans, we are seeing if the player is a clan jumper or in a noobish clan. If a clan jumper, we will use this as a negative source to the player. If the player is in a large amount of clans, then, depending on the situation, we will discontinue the search.

4. History of the player will then be examined; we will only scan the history of the player’s posts and of the post that has been replied to him/her. Depending on the post, we will determine the player’s natural character.

5. When we find these (all the above) satisfying to us, we will place a poll on the player for the whole clan to vote. If the player passes, then a licensed leader of our clan will send a invitation to the player if he/she is interested in joining our clan. If the player says "yes," then we will send them the details. If the player says "no," then the player will not be every asked again and will not have another opportunity into the clan. If player says "maybe" or "let me think about it", then we will give the player a week to give an answer. If no answer is given to us within a week, the opportunity of being in the clan will not come to the player again, depending on the situation.

Now that you read our procedures of inviting a player to the clan and still would like to place an application, Please go to our Application Form Topic to continue.

If you have any issues or concerns on how we run our procedures, please go to our Guest Suggestions Box Thread to post

Good Luck!


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How to Apply for [{SS}]
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