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 Application SS by GhostMistoryHD

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Application SS by GhostMistoryHD Empty
PostSubject: Application SS by GhostMistoryHD   Application SS by GhostMistoryHD Icon_minitimeTue Feb 18, 2014 10:11 am

Can't post my Profile link


History of clans> Dyn RTK STK (SR selfmade records) BS brave soldiers TM the moon EA HXH hunter X hunter DARK FEAR i had. Own clan called Blue

My acc got deleted by an hacker (hate hackers

Why u Wanna join SS> i PLAYED with Some of the members you Guys were awesome good it is a Respectfull clan and a real family clan i love this clan i play a lot i'm much active

Wil by loyal>Always.
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Application SS by GhostMistoryHD
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