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 For Guests: About our Rules

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For Guests: About our Rules Empty
PostSubject: For Guests: About our Rules   For Guests: About our Rules Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01, 2012 1:50 pm

This topic is mainly for our guest readers:
First we would like to welcome you to the [{SS}] Forum page!

Our clan is under a Oath and Pledge that is only revealed to the Members of this clan.
Because of the Oath and Pledge, we will only present to you very little, but enough to have an idea,
of what Rules our clan is under.

These things that I have mentioned to you will be on the next sticky of the [{SS}] Rules and Conditions forum called Clan information.

If you are interested in our clan, we highley suggest you read this.

Our rules on the Forums:

1. Do not spam our forums.
2. Do not be a troll on our forums.
3. Do not Send an applications form more than once after you have already been rejected, unless further notice.
4. Do not copy another, unless you place it as a source.
5. Do not Repeat any of your post, or make a topic that is similar to another topic.
6. Read everything, before making questions or suggestions.
7. Enjoy.

If you post any questions/concerns/etc... and we do not reply, do not feel offended. Reason: The post may be something that we are unable to reply to without breaking one of our Clan Rules, these rules are hidded from everyone except members of the clan. This is reflected upon our Clan Oath and Pledge.
We Also thank you for respecting this!!!

Thanks for having an intrest in us enough to read this message!

Welcome to the [{SS}] Forumotion!!!

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For Guests: About our Rules
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